Sustainability at The Community at Rockhill

Sustainability at The Community at Rockhill

“Only fresh food and vegetables are used.  In fact, the culinary staff peel, cook and cut vegetables such as fresh red beets, which are highly nutritious and “cardiovascular health- friendly” root vegetables,” says Michele Doleniak, Cura general manager.

The Community at Rockhill, a picturesque 44-acre continuing care retirement community in Sellersville, PA, partnered withCura last year to provide culinary services for 205 independent living, 53 personal and 90 skilled care residents.  

With Executive Chef Curtis Law on board, fresh food is never wasted.  Chef Curtis and his production staff take great pride in “gathering their food for the earth.”  Vegetable waste, including large amounts of rinds, skins, seeds and non-edible food waste are composted onsite and returned to the gardens on campus for natural fertilization.  Chef Curtis estimates that 50-60 lbs. of produce are sent to Rockhill’s compost bin weekly.

In addition to helping Rockhill create a green environment, Chef Curtis plans to grow his own, a trend that has increased in popularity as older adults are keenly aware and educated on the key health benefits of the food they eat. “It’s important for them to know where their food is grown and harvested,” Chef Curtis says.

Chef and his team are planning to construct raised beds where he will plant tomatoes, peppers and herbs.  Gardening also improves residents’ health by helping to keep them active, while providing inspiration and enjoyment!