Al Fresco Dining



Outdoor eating and delivery is surging over the summer, and Cura’s operators continue to innovate as they reopen.  One lesson learned: Certain menu items travel better than others!

“Wots” in the “Wok” recently debuted outside at the Presbyterian Senior Living at Huntingdon, PA, where Cura chefs including Paul Sprowls, Robert Pennington, and Dante Tambellini prepared a stir-fry meal program from the “Wok Wagon” for independent living residents.  The “Wok Wagon” is a trailer that travels throughout campus to four different locations where Cura chefs prepare stir-fry meals to order and in front of  residents from the fully equipped wagon!  Residents selected from an orange chicken or beef  stir-fry prepared with rice and vegetables.  Both were winners at lunch!

And, if the Wok Wagon wasn’t enough, the culinary team was recently at it again.  This time, independent living residents were treated to an “Artisan Cheese Wagon” offering five Italian inspired cheeses, including a wild mushroom cheese and bruschetta cheese from local cheese maker “Friends Farm” in Williamsburg, PA. Served with grilled flat bread, fresh grapes, a mini cannoli, and complimentary regular and non-alcoholic wine. Kudos to Paul, Robert, Dante and the team at West Woods! A special shout out to Kristen Kyle, cook, who created the signage for the Artisan Cheese Wagon!

The Cura team at Peter Becker Community in Harleysville, PA, is also taking it outside.  They celebrated their successful grand “outdoor dining” opening with a delicious shrimp quinoa salad bowl with slaw for 80 residents prepared by our new Executive Chef Sam Conti! Outdoor dining is open Wednesday and Thursday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Great job team on providing a safe dining alternative — Al Fresco!