Cura at AHN Celebrate During Inaugural Summit

Time to Celebrate…!

To celebrate their success in transitioning dining services to Cura, food service directors and managers from Allegheny Health Network (AHN) came together during the first company-sponsored “AHN Summit”.  Each hospital dining team received a certificate of excellence, and other awards to mark “Where it All Began…” held at Allegheny General Hospital (Pittsburgh) in May!

Cura began a seamless transition process of dining services earlier this year, where management teams worked collaboratively to reopen multiple dining venues in Pennsylvania over the course of several months to ensure the highest food quality, service, and care to patients, staff, and guests.

During the one-day summit, AHN teams were excited to learn from Cura leaders including Trish Spellman, Vice President of Operations; Eric Goldberg, Corporate Executive Chef; Kristen Azzarello, Vice President AHN; Kristen Hampton; District Manager AHN; Ryan Sonson, Director of Culinary; and Michaelle Buskey, Director of Retail and Catering AHN, on ways they can enhance the patient and guest experience, and just as important, working together to deliver our culinary gold and retail standards each and every day!

Food partners, including US Foods, educated the team on their inventory system and new online ordering tools; while Paragon Foods introduced their pre-cut produce program and buying local.   Exciting marketing programs, Seasonal Plate, safety updates, and other key company resources were also presented.

Complimentary breakfast and lunch were provided by food vendor partners, who even brought samples of new product lines, as well as goodie bags, for attendees to try!

For those managers who could not attend, the summit was streamed so they could participate from their locations virtually.

Congratulations to our teams on the following awards:


“Biggest Come Back”-  The come back is always stronger than the setback!

  • We will survive fight song


“Teamwork Makes the Dream Work”

  • Always willing to help each other.
  • A big Team approach to getting things done (ie. Putting away food orders)

West Penn:

“Hospitality with Humility”

  • Friendly, welcoming, pleasant approach to the transition.

 Grove City:

“Unity with Community”

  • Spirit of friendship and community feel amongst the group.
  • Comfortable around each other and supportive.
  • The 1st “Cura family meal”

Allegheny General Hospital:

“The Most Radical Retail Transformation”

  • Most amazing retail refresh at the highest revenue-generating location.

Saint Vincent Hospital:

“Extraordinary Team Spirit”

  • Sunshine and rainbows
  • Cheerleader approach to successful outcomes
  • Don’t forget to visit the chapel and talk with Father Dennis!
  • Employee chant after each huddle



“Where it all began”…without all of you, we wouldn’t be here today.


Allegheny Valley:

“Happiness is Homemade”…Best Baked Goods in town!

  • They haven’t met a problem that their baking couldn’t fix!
  • Stressed is desserts spelled backward