Peter Becker Community Designs New Dining Plans

Peter Becker Community Designs New Dining Plans

Dining plans are a huge part of what residents are looking for in their living experience.   Today’s resident needs are different and require flexible dining. Some might still be working, some residents care to eat with us every day, while some residents may only join us once a week.

“Our goal was to involve our residents to create multiple dining plans that meet their lifestyles,” said Josh Crandall, Cura general manager of dining at Peter Becker Community (PBC) in Harleysville, PA.   “As part of our commitment to the residents at PBC, we are always looking for new and better ways to meet dining services expectations.”

Crandall and his culinary team began the process by conducting a series of 12 focus group sessions with PBC residents to encourage an open discussion and gather feedback on resident dining meal plans to determine:

·        Residents Living on PBC Campus

·        Dining Experience and Eating Behaviors

·        Daily Eating Habits

·        Types of Food Eaten Most Often

·        Most Frequented Dining Environment

·        Most important in Selecting a Dining Venue

·        Dietary Rules or Restrictions

The result:  Several dining plans featuring multiple levels of participation, flexibility and opportunities designed to accommodate residents best suited for occasional dining, weekly dining as well as daily dining at all four PBC campus restaurants.

The plans offer nine dining packages (three for cottages and six for apartment living) that start off with a base package of $100 dining dollars per month.  Each plan increases in increments of $50 up to the $450 maximum monthly spend.

In accordance with their plan, residents may receive rewards such as discounts on purchases, restaurant exchange gift card allowance, annual birthday meals, guest meals and special events, as well as complimentary fountain beverages and coffee.



Cura is a highly responsive and innovative dining services and hospitality provider dedicated to a mission of Enhancing Life Around Great Food. As part of Elior North America, the Cura team enhances peoples’ lives through culinary innovation and a commitment to providing exemplary service.



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