Washington Hospitals, Cura Partner to Help People with Addiction

Washington Health System

The prescription opioid and heroin overdose epidemic is a public health crisis in Pennsylvania.  As a partner to the Washington Heatlh System in Western, PA,  we are in this together to help people afflicted with substance abuse addiction.

Beginning in late November 2018, Washington Hospital in Washington, PA, and Cura were approached by the Greenbriar Treatment Center in Washington, PA, to prepare nutritious meals for their clients.

According to Dave Tofanelli, Cura general manager for both Washington Hospital and Washington Hospital Greene, “We prepare 100 meals for lunch and 100 meals for dinner seven days per week.  The meals are picked up by their staff and taken to their facility offsite.”

Unfortunately, the epidemic is affecting Pennsylvanians across the state, from big cities to rural communities.  At Washington Hospital Greene in Waynesburg, PA, available beds were a blessing to another nearby Greenbriar Treatment Center, which gave their 28 clients a temporary home to heal.  As their dining partner, Cura is also providing meal service onsite for lunch and dinner, as well as a hot breakfast every other Sunday.

Washington Hospital operators are happy about the partnership.  It gives Greenbriar the opportunity to provide the therapy their clients require, while together the Washington Hospitals and Cura are able to serve those in need.

“As the need for Greenbriar’s services grow, they know that Cura and Washington Health System are trusted resources that will be there to support their mission in defeating substance abuse.  It’s a win/win for all,” says Tofanelli.