One of a Kind Family Tradition Inspires St. Clair Hospital Cook to Sew Hundreds of Masks

SOURCE:  “One of a Kind Family Tradition Inspires St. Clair Cook to Sew Hundreds of Masks.” Western Pennsylvania Healthcare News, April 29, 2020


Masks have become as commonplace as having a cell phone!   So, why not personalize or have a mask created that is reflective of you!

That’s what Shelia Shepherd, a full-time cook for St. Clair Hospital (under the management of Cura) in Pittsburgh has been “stitching” in her spare time!  According to Sheila, who is known for her chicken Marsala and caramel brownies, “I started to make masks for my sister, Michelle Sieman, who is a cancer survivor.  Because she is high risk, I wanted her to be best protected.”  Sheila, who is from Castle Shannon, PA, is donating her time by sewing hundreds of one-of-a-kind masks.  To date, Sheila has sewn and sold 350 masks, and is busy filling 225 additional orders for nurses, housekeepers, dining team members, family and friends!

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