Action Stations Enhance Retail Sales

Who can resist chocolate!

The timing is perfect for the upcoming holidays as we think of dessert ideas.  Medical staff at Holy Redeemer Hospital in Philadelphia are now enjoying a new Chocolate Action Station designed by John Martinelli, director of retail and catering!   This was a great idea to supplement guests lunch, while increasing the average price per transaction by 12%!


The objective of the chocolate action station was to celebrate National Chocolate Day.   Due to the popularity of the concept, the chocolate action station will be offered more during the holidays, for special events or just as a monotony breaker!

Sous Chef Tina McQuiggan prepped and Supervisor Rydia Chamberlain artistically displayed all the desserts.  Once guests selected the dessert of their choice, Chef Tina or Rydia prepared and executed in front of them.  This consisted of filling the dark chocolate shells with fruit and adding different toppings.  For the cupcakes and cheesecake, they added a choice of different toppings (dark chocolate chunks, peanut butter cups, an assortment of flavored syrups and a few different cream toppings).

Executive Chef JT Dunn and John calculated the order to incorporate all the different types of chocolate.

Customers succumbed to temptations and indulged in these chocolate delicacies!

  • Dark chocolate shells that were filled with diced pineapple or strawberries drizzled with white chocolate syrup
  • Chocolate cupcakes topped with chocolate truffle drizzled with raspberry syrup
  • Chocolate peanut butter cupcakes topped with peanut butter cup drizzled with caramel syrup
  • Chocolate chip cheesecake drizzled with dark chocolate truffle syrup
  • Chocolate cake bombes filled with chocolate mousse and cream

In other action dining station news…St. Clair Hospital in Pittsburgh, PA, offers a “Personal Choice” action station where Sous Chef Joel Morgan and Executive Chef Ryan Lucci featured a carving station where customers were able to build a house-roasted turkey, bacon, and cheddar cheese sauce sandwich served on a bakery fresh pretzel roll. House-made warm German potato salad was also served on the side. The action station repurposes as a pizza station where individual pizzas are prepared to order with the toppings of customers’ choice! This has been our most requested station! Over 115 pizzas were served earlier this month, generating one of our highest sales days since COVID began!