Cura at Wexford Hospital Opens, Partners with North Hills Community

Cura’s culinary team celebrated the grand opening at Allegheny Health Network’s Wexford Hospital, a new construction, in the heart of Wexford, PA!  Cura began a seamless transition process earlier this year, where management teams worked collaboratively to reopen multiple dining venues across the AHN network!

At Wexford, our team ensures the highest food quality, service, and care to patients, staff, and guests with a brand-new cafe.. and new Chef Chris Culp who hails from the culinary staff of the National Hockey League’s Pittsburgh Penguins!

According to Jennifer Riley, Cura food service director at Wexford, “Chef Chris brings a unique experience as he prepared culturally diverse foods for players from around the globe like Russia, Finland, the Czech Republic, and Canada!”

The cafe is also open to the Wexford Health and Wellness Pavillion where patients and staff can enjoy Fifth Avenue Deli serving Boar’s Head delicatessen style meats, cheeses, and condiments, the City Grill, and Spoon and Fork. Sales soared during the first week, surpassing initial expectations!

The Chef’s Palette action station will also host local and ethnic chefs from around town bringing culturally inspired foods to the table.  AHN staff and guests recently enjoyed Indian foods including rice bowls such as bulgogi beef, butter chicken, curry vegetables, and vegetable samosas. Ingredients were sourced from Monsoon Kitchen and their corporate Chef Srini.

Another presentation was offered by food broker Mandi Foods representative who conducted a live sushi burrito presentation featuring wild-caught ahi tuna seared “Pittsburgh Rare” and stuffed with sushi rice, sweet chili sauce, cucumber sticks, julienne carrots, avocado, fried onions, nori, and shredded red cabbage with sriracha aioli!

For those looking for lunch on the run, Cura’s Tryon Market offers robust grab-and-go options including freshly made sandwiches and salads, fruit cups, Boars Head products (pepperoni & cheese, hummus & pretzels, hummus tubs), Panera soup cups, and mac & cheese cups, Hisui Sushi and yogurt.

Partnering initiatives with local favorites like Enrico’s delicious biscotti and Sarris Candies chocolate-covered pretzels and candy bars will be tempting for all!   The team will also partner with Shenot Farms and Soergels Produce so staff and guests can purchase fresh and seasonal produce from the cafe!

“The new hospital was much needed for the North Hills community. We are happy to provide our dining services and to give back to the community by inviting vendors to showcase their talents and products in the cafe.  They really like this idea and have jumped on as partners,” says Ms. Riley.

Moms in labor and delivery will be “Completely Satisfied” with a spoken menu, will be treated to a special meal during their stay, as well as a convenient to-go pizza kit for mom’s first night home!

More excitement to come from this terrific team!