Breaking Out of the Catering Mold

SOURCE:  “Breaking Out of the Catering Mold.”  FoodService Director Magazine, February 19, 2020

Catering at its best at the Village at Summerville in South Carolina, the first senior living community (operated by Cura) asked to participate in “Scrumptious Summerville,” a local fundraiser benefiting victims of child abuse.  Read more here!

Cura Enters New Contract in Virginia

SOURCE:  “Cura Partners with The Chesapeake, First in Virginia.”  LeadingAge PA News, January 24, 2020


Cura is proud of its new dining services partnership with The Chesapeake, a Lifespire Community in Newport News, VA.  This is the first senior living community where Cura manages food service in the state of Virginia!  Read more in LeadingAge PA news here. 

What’s Cooking in Senior Living Kitchens

SOURCE:  “What’s Cooking in Senior Living Kitchens.”  FoodService Director Magazine, January 17, 2020.


Baby boomers will be entering senior living communities in big numbers in the years ahead, and these newcomers bring with them a whole different set of dining demands and preferences than the previous generation.  Learn how Ryan McNulty, Corporate Executive Chef with Cura, mixes up menus to accommodate the tastes of younger residents.  Listen to the podcast here!

Learn How Cura Attracts Top Talent in FM

SOURCE:  “Foodservice Operators Struggle to Find Labor.”  Learn How Cura Attracts Top Talent in Food Management Magazine, January 15, 2020

With unemployment at near-historic lows, finding and retaining staff is getting harder—and more expensive! Learn how Cura gets creative to meet the challenge!   Read more here.





Providence Point, Dining Innovator of the Month

SOURCE:  “Providence Point, Dining Innovator of the Month.”  Food Management Magazine, January 13, 2020


Residents are now thrilled over the new dining options produced by a seven-month long renovation project at the Cura-run senior living continuing care retirement community in Pittsburgh. The renovations are able to address today’s dining trends among seniors, in addition to accommodating the community’s population growth.  Read more here! 

The “8” Biggest Stories in Senior Dining 2019

SOURCE:  “The 8 Biggest Stories in Senior Dining 2019.”  Food Management Magazine, December 18, 2019


From creating community in senior communities to making pureed food look great, Cura at Menno Haven is proud to be one of the the eight stories that impacted senior dining food service in 2019!  Read more here, slide 6!

Terrace Baking Contest Satisfies Many A Sweet Tooth

SOURCE:  “Terrace Baking Contest Satisfies Many A Sweet Tooth.”  The Parkland Press, November 30, 2019.

Residents of The Terrace at Phoebe Allentown were in for a sweet treat Nov. 15 as the senior living community, in conjunction with Cura, hosted its third annual pie-baking contest!  Read more about this sweet celebration!

First SNF Awarded WELL Certification

SOURCE:  “First SNF Awarded WELL Certification.”  Mcknight’s Long-Term Care News, October 23, 2019.


Skilled nursing has its first WELL-certified building, a facility recognized for its commitment to improving the health and well-being of residents, staff and visitors.  Read more here!

Boosting Buzz with Baked Goods

SOURCE:  “Boosting Buzz with Baked Goods.”  FoodService Director Magazine, October 7, 2019.

Residents are treated to locally inspired baked goods at Laurel View Village, a senior living community in Davidsville, Pa. Cura’s Catering Manager Kelsey Vann and Head Baker Megan Heiser tap into regional specialties, such as pierogies and gobs, to provide scratch-made desserts for the facility’s Laurel View Bakery and Fresh Harvest restaurant.  Read more here. 

New Central Culinary Center and Cafe, Bring Consistency and Efficiency

SOURCE:  “New Central Culinary Center and Cafe, Bring Consistency and Efficiency.”  Facility Design Project of the Month.   FoodService Equipment and Supplies Magazine, October 1, 2019.


A new central culinary center and cafe serve residents and guests at Menno Haven Rehabilitation Center.  The center recently achieved WELL Certified Gold, the first nursing facility to receive in the world!  Read more about back-of-the-house efficiency and how Cura’s operations contributes to improve the health, well-being and the overall dining experience for residents and guests!   Beginning on page 79.