Prepped for Take Out During the Pandemic

SOURCE:  “Prepped for Take Out.” FoodService Director Magazine, June 18, 2020.

Carryout and delivery surged during the pandemic, and most operators plan to continue these options once they reopen. One lesson learned: Certain menu items travel better than others!  Read more about Cura’s fully equipped Wok Wagon at Westminster Woods Senior Living at Huntingdon!  

RECIPE:  Orange-Ginger Chicken Stir-Fry

New Ways to Satisfy Salad Bar-Craving Customers in Healthcare Food Service

SOURCE:  “New Ways to Satisfy Salad Bar-Craving Customers in Healthcare Food Service.” Food Management Magazine, June  16, 2020.

Healthcare foodservice operators from Cura have been tinkering with some interesting ways to bring back a bit of the salad-bar feel while safely distancing at the same time.  Learn more from Cura operators at Holy Redeemer in Philadelphia; and Punxsutawney Area Hospital in Pennsylvania. 





Senior Dining Chef Live Streams Cooking Videos to Residents’ Apartments During Quarantine

SOURCE:  “Senior Dining Chef Live Stream Cooking Videos to Residents’ Apartments During Quarantine.” Food Management Magazine, May 18, 2020.

Cooking with Eileen is a new live-streaming video series that uses technology to stay connected to an isolated population: senior citizens.  Chef Eileen is keeping seniors hungry for new experiences even while isolated during the COVID-19 lockdown which continues at Presbyterian Communities of South Carolina at Summerville, a CCRC served by Cura.

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Healthcare Cook Stitches One-of-a-Kind Masks for Customers at Pittsburgh Hospital During Coronavirus Pandemic

SOURCE:  “Healthcare Cook Stitches One-of-a Kind Masks for Customers at Pittsburgh Hospital During Coronavirus Pandemic.” Food Management Magazine, May 13, 2020

Sheila Shepherd, full-time cook for Cura Hospitality at St. Clair Hospital, shares her spare time, stitches stylish masks of her own design (they have pockets!) and sells them at cost to customers at hospital café.

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One of a Kind Family Tradition Inspires St. Clair Hospital Cook to Sew Hundreds of Masks

SOURCE:  “One of a Kind Family Tradition Inspires St. Clair Cook to Sew Hundreds of Masks.” Western Pennsylvania Healthcare News, April 29, 2020


Masks have become as commonplace as having a cell phone!   So, why not personalize or have a mask created that is reflective of you!

That’s what Shelia Shepherd, a full-time cook for St. Clair Hospital (under the management of Cura) in Pittsburgh has been “stitching” in her spare time!  According to Sheila, who is known for her chicken Marsala and caramel brownies, “I started to make masks for my sister, Michelle Sieman, who is a cancer survivor.  Because she is high risk, I wanted her to be best protected.”  Sheila, who is from Castle Shannon, PA, is donating her time by sewing hundreds of one-of-a-kind masks.  To date, Sheila has sewn and sold 350 masks, and is busy filling 225 additional orders for nurses, housekeepers, dining team members, family and friends!

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Students Serve Sustenance and Smiles at Phoebe Berks

SOURCE:  “Students Serve Sustenance and Smiles at Phoebe Berks.” Reading Eagle, April 20, 2020


Six days a week for the last month, 18-year-old Rachel Kesselring puts on gloves and a mask and delivers meals to residents sequestered in their rooms and apartments at Phoebe Berks retirement community in Wernersville.

A senior at Conrad Weiser High School who plans a career in medicine, Miss Kesselring is a member of the Cura dining team.  She is dedicated to seeing that Phoebe residents get what they need amid an unprecedented crisis.

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High School Seniors Brighten Mealtime for Isolated Seniors

SOURCE:  “High School Seniors Brighten Mealtime for Isolated Seniors.” FoodService Director Magazine, April 17, 2020


The foodservice team at Phoebe Berks senior living community in Wernersville, Pa., has found a way to combat loneliness without jeopardizing residents’ health. High school seniors are reaching across the generations, delivering cheer along with meals.

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Hospital Cafeterias Re-purposed into Mini Grocery Marts by Elior North America unit Cura Hospitality

SOURCE:  “Hospital Cafeterias Re-Purposed into Mini Grocery Marts by Cura.” Food Management Magazine, April 16, 2020



Mobile mini marts filled with dry and perishable grocery items as well as non-food staples such as paper towels and toilet paper have been popping up at hospital cafeterias where Cura Hospitality, a unit of Elior North America, manages onsite dining. Cura operates dining services in healthcare facilities, including both hospitals and senior living communities.

The mini marts are designed to help healthcare staff working long hours and who can’t get to the grocery store to stock up with some needed items to take home.

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PAH Helping Caregivers Take Care of Their Own Needs

SOURCE:  “PAH Helping Caregivers Take Care of Their Own Needs.” The Punxsutawney Spirit, April 11, 2020


During the coronavirus pandemic that has been going on for many a number of weeks now, those on the front lines at Punxsutawney Area Hospital are extremely busy and have little opportunity to go grocery shopping, especially with the reduced shopping hours many stores have been forced to follow to give them extra time to clean properly. In the midst of the virus and the associated mitigations, the caregivers are able to shop without having to leave the hospital.

Cura general manager of dining at Punxsutawney Area Hospital,  has been lending an extra helping hand to his fellow coworkers.

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Sherwood Oaks “Knock and Walk” Meal Delivery Program

SOURCE:  “Sherwood Oaks “Knock and Walk” Meal Delivery in Cranberry Township.” Cranberry Eagle Newspaper, April 9, 2020


Dining team members at Sherwood Oaks in Cranberry Township are doing more than just supporting residents by helping to keep them safe, healthy and well-nourished. Read More Here.