Completely Satisfied

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"“The way you are every day – your professionalism, your caring and compassion, your commitment to quality and doing the right thing, the little things you do for patients and families and wonder if they ever get noticed – stands out above the rest. You are an awesome bunch and we are very lucky to have you!!”"

- Joan Massella, Chief Nursing Officer
St. Clair Hospital

Completely Satisfied

In a hospital environment, we recognize guests include those with a wide range of reasons to be on our campuses...each with very differing needs and preferences. First and foremost, we address our patients, but also consider the needs of patients' families, staff, employees, volunteers, visitors, and business partners.

Completely Satisfied is the service philosophy we adhere to as we strive to Enhance Life Around Great Food for all of our guests, and ensure their utmost satisfaction with their dining experience.

What does Completely Satisfied deliver for your dining program?

For Cura’s clients, Completely Satisfied means:

  • As a vested partner, Cura will work hard to satisfy the food and nutrition needs of every patient and guest so they speak highly of their experience.
  • Waste, duplication and cost is significantly reduced by implementing a program that has safeguards and satisfaction measures as core components.
  • Cura’s team will deliver outcomes to place clients in the best position for maximum satisfaction score achievements and maximum reimbursements.
  • Meals for patients, families, staff and guests will be handled in a manner that aims to create an exceptional experience.
  • The culture of the dining services department will enhance the overall service culture of the hospital and support common goals.

For patients, Completely Satisfied means:

  • “Satisfaction” is defined one patient at a time.
  • Patients are recognized as unique individuals with unique preferences.
  • When concerns are voiced, they are welcomed as opportunities for improvement.
  • At every meal there is visible, supportive and interactive care.

For dining services team members, Completely Satisfied means:

  • Their purpose for working is defined in terms that create a sense of pride and achievement.
  • They enjoy a workplace that is dynamic and enjoyable.
  • Personal ownership of tasks and freedom to satisfy the patient is within their control.

For department leadership, Completely Satisfied means:

  • It confirms our staff is competent and accountable for results. 
  • It is the image they present and sets the standard of personal excellence.
  • It allows them to set standards, benchmarks and stretch goals for their teams for exceptional performance.