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Connections, Memory Support Dining, is a Cura program designed to enhance the dining experience for residents with dementia.

Every five years the incidence of Alzheimer’s doubles. According to the Alzheimer’s Association, Alzheimer's and dementia affect more than 35 million people worldwide today. As this population enters residential care communities, providers must be prepared to accommodate their needs in all areas, including dining.

Food and hospitality are integral to the memory support unit. In fact, dining is one of the major activities senior living residents look forward to. And, for the Alzheimer’s resident, it sadly may be the only form of social interaction.

Connections tools have been designed with an emphasis on minimal cost and high resident impact. Many of the techniques and approaches can be incorporated into a normal workday with the potential of even reducing the time needed for some tasks.

Read more about Connections tools below, and how this Cura program will make the difference in the lives of your residents with memory loss.