Retail Dining Programs

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Retail Dining Programs

"If the food is great...they will come." But who determines what "great food" is? The answer is the customer, of course! At Cura, great food starts with high quality, locally-sourced ingredients...using recipes that are cohesively developed by chefs and dietitians for a remarkable blend of optimal taste and nutrition...and is delivered in venues that have easy access, affordable options, and provide for needed respite. Add it up, and it's the perfect recipe for a great dining experience! Additionally, at Cura, we understand each venue we serve is truly unique. Designing a program that is customized to the unique preferences of each hospital's guest and customer base is the key to success, and a signature service provided by Cura Hospitality.

Just as with our patient programs, all of our retail concepts were created with one goal in mind: to Enhance Life Around Great Food.


Our Healthy Dining Initiative:
Cura Hospitality prides itself on working with our clients, partners and guests to offer a well-balanced, nutritional dining program inclusive of restaurant/café dining, catering and vending. Through a model we call "choice architecture", guests are drawn to a variety of healthy and delicious foods in an environment that encourages them to make better choices.

By more heavily promoting grilled chicken and roasted vegetables over burgers and fries, and organizing vending machines so that bottled water and fruit juices, rather than sugary soft drinks, are at eye-level, guests are still given a range of choices, but the healthy ones are just a little more accessible and visible. Coupled with readily available nutrition education, we arm our guests with everything they need to make the right choice.