Patient Care

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"We are extremely proud of the accomplishments made by Vince and his puree creations.  It truly is an honor to know that our cook is being featured in so many venues that not only promote Pickering Manor but open the dialogue to how food, regardless of age and diagnosis is key to patient satisfaction.

As always, thank you for your encouragement and we appreciate the partnership we have created."

Michelle Knobloch, NHA

Executive Director

Pickering Manor

Patient Care

At Cura Hospitality, we strive to provide exceptional, quality food with a sense of enthusiasm and dedication to personalized service, so patients look forward to their next meal, and are completely satisfied with both the food and service.

Through our Personalized Room Service model, our Dining Assistants take meal orders, deliver meals, snacks and nourishments, and can quickly respond to any food-related issues or person. This model has proven to be cost effective and is a key driver in improving patient satisfaction scores.

Behind the scenes, our experienced staff takes great care in using fresh ingredients and authentic scratch preparation methods to create flavorful patient meals as a significant part of the healing process.

Cura's patient menus are designed to meet the Dietary Guidelines for Americans and Recommended Daily Intakes (RDI). From this nutritious base menu, we develop adapted versions to meet the therapeutic dietary needs of individual patients. Cura's experienced clinicians and chefs work together to craft menus that satisfy patients in terms of both nutrition and taste... and that's what Enhancing Life Around Great Food is all about!