Acute Care

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"In January I endured a double knee replacement at Indiana Regional Medical Center.  Thank you to the physicians, the occupational therapists who kept me from falling, and the three physical therapists who worked me hard every day to get my range of motion back in my knees so I could walk straight and without pain.  Only one more to thank: the cooks and servers who served the best food I ever ate at a hospital. It wasn’t just the food; they always asked if there was anything else I might want!"

A Completely Satisfied Patient

Acute Care

Cura Hospitality provides exceptional patient dining programs and retail services in hospitals throughout the mid-Atlantic.

Through healthy, appetizing meals and personalized service models that uplift the spirit and support well-being, Cura Hospitality can help to reduce the time of hospital stays and speed the healing process for post-operative and post-injury patients.

Hospital employees, visitors, guests and medical staff will also be happy to choose from retail favorites within our on-site cafés, restaurants and coffee shops.

Cura Hospitality recognizes that exceptional guest experiences don't just happen. They are the result of a driven team whose actions and performance are focused on ensuring that each and every guest...patients, families, staff and completely satisfied with their meal service experience. Completely Satisfied is our customer satisfaction philosophy…and our goal in every element of a hospital's dining program.